Bass Lessons with Ron Kadish

I've been teaching bass lessons in Bloomington, IN for 15+ years and some of my former award winning high school students are now in music schools such as IU and Berklee; still others are out there working (stealing my gigs, no doubt....)

I'll teach you what you want to learn! Technique, theory....

Any style! Jazz, rock, classical (yup!), country, whatever!

Any level of playing from beginner to advanced/pro!

For more info, call Ron at 812-340-0774 or email


My Teaching Style Philosophy... I suppose I should blog this....

Every teacher has their own 'style' just as every player does. Some students find one style of teaching more to their liking and benefit from a teacher that someone else might not like to study with. So, I'm hoping to provide you with an idea of what you might be in for if you take lessons from me.

First of all, my only agenda is to help you sound better, to your own personal satisfaction. That's it. I'm not cramming my personal agenda down anyone's throat around here. Generally, with a new student we spend 2 or 3 lessons just getting to know each other. After we hit a stride and determine what we want to work on, the work really starts and those students that practice diligently show a great deal of improvement in around 6 months.

Now, you notice I'm not saying that you're going to learn the bass fretboard in 60 minutes, and that I did say something about practicing. Let's be honest, folks, the only way to get good at music is to work really hard at it, whatever you want to do with it. I expect my students to put in their work in between lessons- it's really up to you folks to get your stuff done; after all, I only hear students 30 to 60 minutes a week, at best. You are your own best teacher, and I'm just a guide along the way.

I teach what's best for the student, and I'm a pretty good judge of that. I'll teach you what you need and want to learn. Currently, (Jan 2008) I have students who range from a high school senior getting ready to audition for IU's Jacobs School of Music Jazz Dept.; a high school sophomore who won last year's ISMA Solo Competition and is getting ready for this year's go-round; a 40- something seasoned bar band pro who is working on getting more variety in his lines; and a middle schooler who is making his way through a number of classic rock hits and learning them all by ear.

Pretty wide variety, huh? And that's not even half the studio!

And I'll go ahead and brag a bit about some of my former students: just in the last three years I've had students go from my studio to Berklee College of Music and the IU Jacobs School of Music (that fellow got a full ride); two of my students won gold medals at the 2007 ISMA Solo and Concerto Competition; I have a former student gigging successfully in NY, another doing the same in Austin TX, and still one more making a go of it in Phoenix AR. Another former student of mine is now one of the top call bass players in Indianapolis... stealing some of my work, no doubt.

So the teaching style philosophy seems to work. Give me a call if you want to try it out for yourself!